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Pertaining to my previous post.

2007-11-06 03:15:50 by monochromatic

It was just bad. Bad like that carton of milk you "just so happened" to leave out all night, or, to put it bluntly, it didn't smell right. Thus have I erected a new post to make up for all of the failures of my previous post. As I write this, the sound of children's laughter coupled with Jack Thompson, ranting on about some video game or other, echoes in my mind.

On a side note, you'll probably make some "witty" joke about phalli because I said erected, won't you?
Also, I don't care that the picture is old, its relevant, dammit.

Pertaining to my previous post.


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2007-11-06 03:27:12

I keep telling you. There was nothing wrong with that milk. Haven't you ever had warm soup? It's the same thing.

monochromatic responds:

I guess you're right. Maybe it just tasted strange because of all that salt I put in it.